Whatsapp is soon to introduce disappearing messaging feature

whatsapp new feature

whatsapp is one of the most popular freeware messaging app is now going to introduce its new feature called “disappearing of messages” soon.Previously they introduced a feature called deleting of sent messages. First they introduced with by setting time limit 7 minutes to delete sent messages after that they increased the time limit to hours.

whatsapp new feature

By this time they are going to introduce the new feature similar to the past one i.e., a user can set a time for the chat so that the messages are deleted spontaneously to the time which is set by the user. As per the information by the WAbetainfo, whatsapp is working on this new feature. This feature is already implemented in the social messaging apps like telegram and gmail etc., Actually, this feature is available in the group chats as of now.,user can tap on the group chats and disappearing of messages and select to enable the feature for now whatsapp is just set the default limit for disappearing of messages feature by two options 5 secs and 1 hour.

For android users with version 2.19.175 this may be available in the beta version.if your are not accessible to this feature after downloading of beta version be cool soon whatsapp is going to roll out this feature.


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